Be the Art You Seek

The act of transformation can be powerful. In our daily lives we may find it difficult to transform ourselves into the “me” we hope to be. Perhaps we wish we were more confident, less materialistic, beautiful, powerful or grounded and at peace with ourselves. We can achieve all of these things if we desire and if we are ready to put the time and energy into the process of transformation. Sometimes we need a jump-start, a glimpse of who we really are and what we can be. The “Paint is Power” project helps individuals see past their body images or personal limitations and for an hour or more they see themselves as something different, perhaps greater. The painted become empowered and someone or something else emerges which can help people in a myriad of ways. 

Individual altars are still being created.  For viewers Robinson offers a "cheat sheet" that offers clues, poems and hard to see items that appear in paints and altars.  Some of the altars ask that viewers participate by adding to or taking items away from installations.  Participants  are later contacted and offered an opportunity to take part in the "out of gallery" experience, which is an extension of the Robinson's work.  Most recently the Wrath installation , at Penn Social Washington DC, allowed viewers to become a part of the art work while on display.  Later the same people were invited to be a part of the collective unconscious aspect of the Wrath installation.  To see elements of the Wrath experience and learn more please follow Robinson on Instagram as Beinganike,  on twitter @neekspeak and Facebook as Altar Arts by Anike.